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JTC 1 SWG on Accessibility Ad Hoc Groups


Currently, there are four active Ad Hoc Groups working under the JTC 1 SWG on Accessibility:

Ad Hoc 14 - Accessibility User Needs Summary
Ad Hoc 14 Leader:  Mr. Erlend Øverby (Norway)
Ad Hoc 14 Scope:   Consider contributions submitted to the April 2012 meeting related to updates and develop a potential new structure for the User Needs Summary taking into consideration revisions to ISO/IEC Guide 71.

Ad Hoc 15 - Evolution of Database Definition for the Accessibility Standards Inventory

Ad Hoc 15 Leader:  Dr. Jim Carter (Canada)

Ad Hoc 15 Scope:  Update the existing standards inventory and further develop the proposal for a database to support the inventory.

Ad Hoc 16 - Guidance for Accessible Production of Documents in Accessible Formats

Ad Hoc 16 Leader:  Dr. Kate Grant (United Kingdom)
Ad Hoc 16 Scope:  Assemble a set of best practices for the preparation of accessible documents and supplementary information as required.  This may involve producing a taxonomy of guidance on accessibility for document and graphic formats (and may expand to other formats, e.g., e-books). 

Ad Hoc 16 will continue research and will respond to the JTC 1/SC 29/WG 1 request for clarification on lines 153 to 155 of SD 12 (JTC 1 N 10575):  “SVG and PNG should be preferred over JPEG and GIF”. 
Ad Hoc 16 will assemble a guidance document on best practices for the preparation of accessible documents by end of July 2012 for two week review and comment period by SWG on Accessibility.  In the absence of objection, the contribution will be submitted for consideration at the September 2012 meeting of the SWG on Directives.  If there are objections, the SWG on Accessibility Secretariat will notify the SWG on Directives that additional time is required to respond to February 2012 JTC 1 SWG on Directives Recommendation 4.

Ad Hoc 17 - Individualization/Personalization for or Related to Accessibility
Ad Hoc 17 Leader:  Dr. Chris Francis (United Kingdom)
Ad Hoc 17 Scope:   Ad Hoc 17 will:
  1. Identify ongoing personalization/individualization work that may provide or is providing opportunities to embed accessibility considerations, or which may present accessibility challenges.  This should include identifying:
  • User needs relating to individualization/personalization
  • Existing and in process standards relating to individualization/personalization that could be added to the standards inventory
  1. Report findings and recommendations back to the SWG on Accessibility.



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