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JTC 1 SWG on Accessibility Goals and Terms of Reference


The JTC 1 SWG on Accessibility Terms of Reference were revised at the November 2011 JTC 1 Plenary in San Diego, California to the following (SWG-A N 502):

  1. Determine an approach to, and implement, the gathering of accessibilityrelated information, being mindful of the varied and unique opportunities including direct participation of user organizations, workshops, and liaisons

  2. Maintain and disseminate uptodate information of all known accessibilityrelated standards efforts, i.e. the standards inventory

  3. Maintain and disseminate uptodate information on accessibilityrelated user needs, i.e. the user needs summary

  4. Through wide dissemination of the SWG materials, encourage the use of globally relevant voluntary accessibilityrelated standards

  5. Together with PAS mentors, advise consortia/fora, if requested, in their submission of accessibilityrelated standards/specifications to the formal standards process

  6. Provide support when JTC 1 needs assistance related to accessibility (such as duties for WSC Accessibility Strategic Advisory Group and input on accessible ISO web content)

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